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Marklyn P Champagne and Leslie Walker-Hirsch are the Co-Creators of The Internationally Used CIRCLES® Programs

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The Circles VideoModeling® Curriculum teaches relationship boundaries and relationship-specific behaviors, using a simple multi-layer circle diagram to demonstrate the different relationship levels students will encounter in daily life.  Circles is a concrete, organizational paradigm for students with special educational needs that helps them learn to act and interact in self-enhancing ways.  This curriculum uses principles of behavior psychology and proven techniques in special education that help students to generalize their learning across many settings: school, home, social and vocational.

The Circles method has been used successfully to teach students with learning disabilities, mild to severe mental disabilities, emotional handicaps, autism, sensory impairments and affective disorders. The Program is flexible-meaning that each individual teacher can personalize each lesson to address the specific needs of her own class. The more familiar the teacher becomes with the Circles concept, the more applications she/he will find.

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CIRCLES: Intimacy and Relationships Level 1

CIRCLES: Intimacy and Relationships Level 2

CIRCLES: Stop Abuse

CIRCLES: Safer Ways (Currently retired)

Circles Curriculum Includes:

  • 4 Teacher’s Guides
  • 6 hours of instruction
  • 300 peel n stick icons
  • 16 DVDS
  • 1 Giant Wall Graph
  • 50 Large Laminated Graph Icons
  • 50 Student Personal Graphs