Circles APP

Proven effective by the Harvard Study, please read it at White Pages.

From James Stanfield catalog:

We are delighted to add the Circles APP® to our library.

Keeping our children & students safe and protecting them from abuse and exploitation is a major concern for parents and educators. Fundamental to this effort is teaching children to understand social boundaries and helping them to learn what level of intimacy and touch is appropriate AND inappropriate within these boundaries.

The Circles App™ is an innovative way to teach children that the degree of closeness they have with other people and how they touch them, depends on the kind of relationship they have with them. Simply stated, “It’s OK to hug your Mother; it’s not OK to hug the mail carrier”. The Circles App™ is designed to make such distinctions crystal clear while allowing you to customize them to your unique situation. Perhaps in your family, the mail carrier is your mother!

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